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Reaching New Heights Together

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Our mission is to build responsible partnerships with our clients to pursue their goals while remaining completely attentive to their needs. Behind our team is years of experience in the top ranks of international financial institutions where we've gone through the biggest ups and downs in the global market. Our investment strategy is built on assisting you in growing and protecting your wealth in a manner that is tailored to your long-term investment goals and unique financial preferences. We stand behind our clients with a strong sense of conviction, adhering to tried-and-true investment strategies that are always managed in their best interests.

Starting Point

Founded in 2021, Winner Zone Group is a team of experts in global finance. Members had held senior positions in top financial institutions including head of private banking; treasurer of international banks; head of investment consultant and senior private bankers.

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​Alan Luk

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Alan has over 35 years of experience in the financial industry. He joined Hang Seng Bank in 2008 as Head of Investment Advisory and was appointed Head of Private Banking and Trust Services in 2011. He was responsible for overseeing the Bank’s private banking and trust services business and providing wealth management services and advice to meet the diverse needs of high-net-worth customers. Before joining Hang Seng, Mr. Luk worked in various senior functional positions at several international banks including Schroders and American Express Bank. He is also frequently called upon by various media to provide expert financial commentary and is a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) and iMoney. Establishing Winner Zone Group embarks the next step in his wealth management career.


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